12/31: Donna, Anthony, Henri, Diane, Bebe, Odetta, and Ben

This clip does not quite do justice to the great Donna Summer, and yet it also sums up all that is wrong and right about disco. Exhibit A: Silver unitard man. So awesome, so awful. See why they have the same root? Anyway, I love this.

It’s very hard to pick a Sir Anthony Hopkins clip, but this is a fun one that mixes interview footage with Hannibal being all crazy.

Henri Matisse! This retrospective should brighten your day.

Then, watch the man in action. So cool!

In addition to showing amazing comic chops as Lilith on Cheers, Bebe Neuwirth is an amazing musical performer. Here, minimalist moves, maximum hotness.

Oh man, do I love Diane von Furstenberg. Get through the insufferable host. It’s awesome to watch Diane answer her questions with this borderline “you moron” inflection that manages to stay classy.

Odetta! Playing guitar as beautifully as she sings.

Finally, the great Ben Kingsley in one of his most ferocious performances.


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